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Silk Top Hats and Vintage Silk Top Hats For Sale For Royal Ascot.

For those of you wishing to purchase the finest antique silk top hat, it should be mandatory you make us your first port of call. We will help you to choose the correct silk top hat, an original example, that's the perfect height, shape and fit, that balances the contours of your face and sits correctly on your head, showing both your face and top hat as one mirror image.

For many years discerning gentlemen have chosen us when purchasing an original antique silk top hat and leather hat box for Royal Ascot, The Derby, or any other fitting occasion. They simply want an original, as original items hold value. They relish the fact we hold the largest collection of originals in the world, supplying only the very best to the very best. Thus offering a fantastic variety of different makes, shapes and sizes at sensible prices, all contoured to the head for ultimate comfort and fit.

When choosing your silk top hat be aware of expensive pitfalls and look carefully. Firstly, beware of it not being in original condition, as it may have been refurbished or restored. Secondly, it might look ridiculous in the respect that the crown might be much wider or narrower than the width of your face, or too tall or too short compared to that of your height. Or too large, resulting in it resting on your ears like a baby's bonnet. Thirdly, be aware of expensive imitations and that gentlemen always had their silk top hats ironed and never sprayed with water. Lastly, don't be misled into thinking your silk top hat belonged to a funeral director, just because it carries a felt mourning band rather than a band and bow. Mourning bands replaced the band and bow on the death of Prince Albert in 1861 and are worn to this day.

We hope the above has persuaded you to compare your findings, in that buying an original from us is far the superior option to buying a reconditioned, restored or refurbished topper elsewhere.

"We look forward to making your acquaintance."

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